About Tashi Miles


About Tashi Miles

With Tashi Miles membership , you enjoy a truly rewarding experience with unique privileges across four membership tiers: Tashi Red, Tashi Orange, Tashi Yellow and Tashi Black.

Tashi Miles members can expect to earn more miles, enjoy more benefits, quicker tier upgrades , easier tier renewal, easier redemption and many more.

Membership Privileges
As an esteemed traveller of Bhutan Airlines, you can accumulate miles corresponding to the distance flown on our flights and the fare amount paid. Accrued miles can be redeemed for free air travel, privileges, upgrades and other benefits on Bhutan Airlines. You can also redeem your points in exchange of stay and meals at Druk Hotels, Taj Tashi Hotel and Bhutan Airlines Duty Free products at Paro International Airport.

Begin a journey to a world of exclusive privileges by registering with us;
  • Register online : Tashi Miles Registration
  • You can also register at our offices in Thimphu and Paro.
  • Online Registration will earn you 100 Miles , which will be allocated to the members account on first activity.

  • Bhutanese Nationals and Resident Expats
  • Age must be 12 years and above

Documents Required
  • Citizenship ID Card or,
  • Valid work permit for resident Expats
  • Passport or ,
  • Voter ID or,
  • Valid MC for Foreigners married to Bhutanese.